Studio Dispatches...

See Change Conference 2013

05.28.2013 | by Carl DeTorres

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the See Change Conference in Minneapolis this past week. See Change is an annual conference that brings together creative thinkers in a variety of disciplines to share insights and methods in an ever changing creative landscape.

Other speakers included Jim Fiscus, Brian Collins, Sven Segar, and Guillermo Nagore (to name a few). It was excellently curated and organized by AIGA and the University of Minnesota.

I took the opportunity to speak about the evolution of my work and it's emphasis in technologies that are often invisible to the human eye. Not only was the crowd response was overwhelmingly positive, I made some great new friends in the Twin Cities!

Learn more about See Change

The Face of Health at Facebook

05.14.2013 | by Carl DeTorres

We're very excited to give a sneak peek at the brand new identity system, signage, and environmental graphics we created for Mark Zuckerberg and gang at the Facebook campus in Menlo Park. Here's a quick pic of the exterior sign. It measures 4x4 ft. and is internally lit in the evening. The medical cross surrounded by the icon system is punched out creating a wonderful dimensional effect both in the daytime and evening. We'll work on getting the more shots uploaded soon.

You can read more about the Health Center here.

Thinking Big

02.18.2013 | by Carl DeTorres

Check out the latest cover we designed and illustrated for WIRED. This was an awesome project to work on. We had the wonderful experience to work onsite with the senior editorial staff in the creation phase of this design. It all came together very fluidly and was a blast to illustrate. Try and grab a copy on the newsstand because the final printed product is almost entirely composed of neon inks! We mixed process color yellow and magenta into the neon ink to get a richer and more opaque look in certain areas of the illustration. Overprinting spot colors with process colors isn't something you see very often these days. WIRED is one of the last large circulation publications to still do this kind of high quality printing. The production staff at WIRED expertly package the files for press and the final product printed beautifully. Go check it out, it's guaranteed to be the loudest thing on the newsstand!


05.09.2012 | by Carl DeTorres

Check out our latest cover for the one of the biggest issues in the editorial world -- the Fortune 500. This was the second year in row that we had the honor to collaborate with the awesome team (Creative Director Emily Kehe!) over at Fortune. Although this looks like a fairly effortless affair, I can tell we worked through a lot options to get here. In my opinion that's the fun part, the process.

The of Magic of Malofiej 20

04.02.2012 | by Carl DeTorres

I recently had the honor and privlige to both judge and speak at the Malofiej 20 World Infographic Summit in Pamplona Spain. For those of you not familiar with Malofiej -- it's basically the world cup for information graphics design.

It was a magical yet exhausting week of judging work, meeting new people, learning about infographic trends and theory, and eating.

Who Ever Said Judging Was Easy

02.13.2012 | by Carl DeTorres

Judging for the 47th annual Society of Publication Designers Awards just ended this weekend, but you'll have to wait a few months yet to find out which titles are going to bring home the medals. I was honored to be a judge this year, and was truly inspired by all the great work on the tables. Looking at magazines all day followed by hanging with talented magazine makers all night was a blast. Here's a shot of Jennifer Daniels of Bloomberg Businessweek, the esteemed Robert Newman, creative mastermind Dirk Barnett, and myself pouring over the magazine of the year finalist.